terça-feira, 11 de novembro de 2008

Olha a palhaçada (Kibe na foto!!!)

Saquem a palhaçada: Sofya Yampolsky, eu, Amen Jaffer e Sarah DeGray momentos antes do "neguinho" virar presidente. Reportagem retirada de:


Weekly Observer. November 10-16, 2008


It was a festive evening on November 4, tinged with anxiety, as hundreds of New School students, overwhelmingly Barack Obama supporters, turned out to watch the 2008 presidential election coverage at the Theresa Lang Community and Student Center. Each time a state was called for Obama the students cheered. Then came the dramatic moment shortly after 11:00 p.m. when most of the polls closed on the West Coast and MSNBC and CNN immediately announced that Barack Obama would become the 44th president of the United States—and students erupted in celebration. The sense of New School community was very strong as students listened intently to Obama’s victory speech.

Students filled the Lang Center, watching the coverage on two large screens, and glancing over at a third screen that displayed the electoral map. Many students brought their laptop and logged on to websites for national and international coverage of the election. Students engaged in group discussions throughout the night about what this election would mean for the United States and the world.

For Eloise Lennen-Rodriguez, a Parsons freshman, “the election event was definitely a great venue. There was such a buzz of positive energy, a feeling of community and solidarity as students came together to not only watch but also experience the election. It’s an election that would have gone down in history no matter what the outcome, either for electing the first African-American president or for having the first woman as vice president.”

The positive feeling was also shared by Eden Ladin, an Israeli Jazz student and a U.S. citizen who also came to watch the election result with fellow schoolmates. Ladin said being at the event also “allowed him to meet new students from Lang and Parsons.”

The all-night election coverage event culminated a series of presidential debate programs and live coverage of the four debates. Students also turned out in large numbers for each of the debate programs. Guinevere Molina, director of Student Development and Activities, who serves on the newly-created Student Services’ Programming Committee responsible for organizing these events, said that “she was amazed at students’ interest in the election and for wanting to come together as a university community to experience this historic moment in U.S. politics.” She also added that the Programming Committee is already making plans to organize an on-campus event for the inauguration of Barack Obama. The four debate events were co-sponsored by the University Diversity Initiative and the election night event was co-sponsored by the University Student Senate.

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Mojana disse...

Meu querido você está a cara do Ice Cube! Aposto até que foi no Barber Shop dele, hahahahahahaha.
Cá entre nós, o ambiente aí é bem diversificado até para os padrões brasileiros, rsrsrs. Se bem que, se formos avaliar bem mesmo, a universidade nem é um ambiente tão diversificado assim,rsrsrsrsrsrs.
E a ressaca pós-eleitoral? Alguma expectativa que preste além da escolha do primeiro-cachorro?

Raphael disse...

Pô, cara, tá famoso, hein? Eu já tinha visto a foto no mynewschool, mas nem precisei te contar. Logo, logo, vai estar na capa da Times. :)

Flavius2net disse...

Nossa, quanto preto!